A webinar on heart health by El Camino South asian heart center on Nov 6, 2022

Dear friends,

We, the South Asians, a proud community of highly educated people, are well aware of the existence of premature coronary artery disease

in our community. Each of us has a sad story to tell about the sudden death of a loved one from a heart attack

-the first and the last one !

This is the disease which comes in without knocking on the door.

South Asians have about double the risk of coronary artery disease compared to Europeans and other ethnic groups.
As a community, we must take action against this present and real danger, against this silent killer !
Akshaybhasha organization is bringing you a well-received webinar offered by

El Camino Health’s South Asian Heart Center:

‘A lifetime on meds or a lifestyle of M.E.D.S. ?’

(Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Sleep)

that will help us save our hearts.

Details of the event:

free event presented by –

Ashish Mathur, Co-founder and Executive director
Anita Sathe, Chair, Case management
both from the South Asian Heart Center.

On Zoom platform- https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86940302198

Meeting ID: 869 4030 2198

On Sunday, November 6, 2022

2 pm PST,

3 pm MST (Phoenix time),

4 pm CST,

5 pm EST

Format- presentation + Q & A session

Webinar registration link –

Agenda items :
• Understanding India’s twin epidemics: Diabetes and Heart Attacks
• Review South Asian Heart Center’s AIM to Prevent culturally tailored approach
• Review the scientific evidence behind lifestyle as a therapeutic intervention
• Learn about M.E.D.S – the foundation of the Center’s lifestyle methodology       (Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep)
• Discover your secret sauce to sustainable behavior change

Here are some links for review:
1.       www.southasianheartcenter.org
2.       Our most recent Impact Report
3.       Surgeon General’s message :
4.       Programs at a Glance
5.       Uncover your hidden risks (2 minute video)
6.       Participant Experience (3 minute video)

If you have any questions or concerns, please, write to akshaybhasha2005@gmail.com.

Please, do join this webinar and help spread the word .

Thank you,
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Akshaybhasha organization