Waarasa (वारसा) screening on April 16, 2016- Reviews from California.

Mrs. Nima Gujar

A call to social responsibility–A well known social worker, Shree Rambhau Ingole has been supporting children from the red light area in Nagpur for last 30 years. His work inspired Mr. Arun Nalawade, (who is famous for his role in Oscar nominated movie : Shwaas”). Mr Nalawade created and directed a film “ Waarasa” based on Rambhau’s work in which he himself has played the main character. This movie is a must-see for all the people who care about well being of society locally and globally. This artistic presentation opens up our mind to the age-old problem of the vicious circle that prostitutes’ children have to face. We never thought it was our problem !!nRambhau’s work is ever expanding and forever needed by the society.
We all can help Ram bhau take care of these children and bring them into the mainstream of the society as well-educated, respectable individuals. Ram bhau’s children have already started enriching the society by building a residential school for the essentially orphan children of the mine workers at Panchgaon in Nagpur district.

For more information, please, send an email to info@akshaybhasha.org.

The yearly expense of raising a child as per Ram bhau’s report is around fifteen to twenty thousand rupees (about $250).

*Donations in dollars will be tax deductible if given thru the non-profit organization ( 501-c status) “Akshaybhasha “. Please, write check to “akshaybhasha” and mail to : 3462 East Mallory circle, Mesa, AZ 85213.

Make sure to write your email address on the check                                       so that an e-receipt could be sent to you.