2015-Dementia Workshop

Dear Friends,

As our community is ageing, it seems to be the right time to talk about the diseases of the elderly. This topic is important both for the elderly and for people of the younger generation as they need to know how to take care of the elderly and what to expect as caregivers! Alzheimer’s dementia appears to be the most common chronic disease of ageing affecting Indian population in India and here as well.

This is an invitation from Akshaybhasha,(a non-profit organization), for the Workshop on Dementia.
The program will be conducted by Dr. Shreeja Pillai,(MD in Internal Medicine).
The Guest speaker will be Dr Arun Kumar, (MD in Neurology) who will talk about the advances in diagnosis and treatment of Dementia;
Dr.Bhagyashree Barlingay, (MD in internal medicine) will talk about “an Internist’s perspective on Alzheimer’s Dementia “ ;
Dr.Naren Godbole, (MD in Internal Medicine) will talk about “Other causes of dementia, primarily Parkinson’s disease”.
Come with your curiosity; come with your questions; last 20 min will be devoted to questions from the audience.
Tea and snacks will be provided.
Please, RSVP before March 31, for the proper arrangement of seats and food.
The entry fees will be $10 per person. Children under the age of 8 yrs will be free. Donations are welcome.

Date: April 4, Saturday
Time: From 4 pm to 6 pm.
Please, send your RSVP and questions regarding the program to akshaybhasha@cox.net.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Akshaybhasha Committee.
A good doctor treats the disease; a not-so-good doctor treats the complications of the disease; a superior doctor prevents the disease!
A Chinese Proverb.

Dementia Workshop- 4/11/2015

Educational Objectives- please, see the PowerPoint presentation – ALZHEIMER’S DEMENTIA -April 

    1.  what is dementia? and how is it diagnosed?
    2.  what are the risk factors for dementia?
    3. what are the theories of the pathogenesis of dementia?
    4. what is the treatment for dementia?

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