Anemia project at Harali, Solapur

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Dr. Latatai Bhishikar

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Dr. M.G. Kawley

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Dr. B.C. Barlingay

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Gyanprabodhini , Harali, an organization run by Dr. Anna Tamhankar and Swarnalata Bhishikar, has taken a very focused approach to the women in their town with hemoglobin values below 7gms. After initial checkups of more than 100 women each time for several months, twenty women were found to be severely anemic and showed willingness for close follow up. A healthcare worker went to their houses twice a month and made sure they were taking the iron tablets. The workers also reinforced the importance of eating iron rich foods. These women came to the monthly anemia camp held at the Gyanprabodhini school and received ragi and jaggery along with the iron tablets. Now all of the 20 women have hemoglobin above 11 with great symptomatic relief.