स्वयंप्रकाशी स्वरतारे Swayamprakashee Swartare – A fundraising program on August 27, 2023


Manogat-Bhagyashree Barlingay-SWST


Remarks on SWST- Madhura Bapat



कार्यक्रमाची केलेली जाहिरात-

अक्षयभाषा संस्थेने प्रायोजित केलेल्या “स्वयंप्रकाशी स्वरतारे” या कार्यक्रमाचे वेध सगळ्यांना लागलेले आहेत. मेसा आर्ट सेंटरच्या (1 E. Main st., Mesa 85201) व्हर्जिनिया पायपर रिपेरटोरी या प्रशस्त थिएटरमध्ये हा संगीत-कथन-नृत्याचा बहारदार कार्यक्रम रविवारऑगस्ट २७ ला दुपारी चार ते सात,

महाराष्ट्रातील पॅलिएटिव्ह केयर निधी उभारणीसाठी होणार आहे.

फीनिक्समधील मराठी भाषा कळणाऱ्यांना आग्रहाचे आमंत्रण !

लवकरात लवकर तिकिटे काढावीत ही विनंती ! https://akshaybhasha.org


Early bird Tickets for the Fundraiser for the Palliative care

in Maharashtra, sponsored by a non-profit organization, ‘Akshaybhasha’ : ‘Swayamprakashee Swartare’

– Highly appreciated program at the BMM 2022 convention


OnSunday Aug 27, 2023 from 4:30 pm -7 pm

at  Mesa Arts center (MAC) (1E Main st, Mesa, AZ 85201)


  1. Use this link https://akshaybhasha.org to pay for the tickets by clicking on the ‘donate’ button;
  2. Then write an email to bcbarlingay@gmail.comindicating how many tickets and in which row are needed by reviewing the attached seating map.
  3. Seat numbers will be designated by the host organization.
  4. Please, specify the email address to which

the Mesa art center box office should send

the e-tickets after August 20th.

  1. The box office ticketing will be available only on the day of the event.

Ticket pricing is as follows-


Special:    $100      (Pit Rows AA, BB, CC )


VIP:           $75      ( Orchestra Row A )


Platinum : $50              ( Orchestra Rows B and C )


Gold:         $25      ( Orchestra Rows E , F, G )


General :  $ 15    ( Orchestra Rows H, J, K, L )


Silver  :     $20      ( Balcony Rows A , B, C  & Box 1 &  2 )


Family/group packs – 10 % off-


VIP (Orchestra) :          A pack of 4 tickets = $ 270


Platinum (Orchestra) :  A pack of 4 tickets  =$180


Gold (Orchestra)  :          A pack of 4 tickets = $90


Silver (Balcony) :        A pack of 4 tickets = $72



Please, donate generously  at :  https://akshaybhasha.org


***$500 – 2 tickets in the pit Rows AA,BB, CC

+ National geographic subscription for one year

+ a pass to the Mesa art center café


**$250-  2 tickets in the pit Rows AA,BB, CC

+ National geographic subscription for one year



Tickets will be available from the Mesa Art Center  through this link on the day of the event- (This ticket sale will not be directly counted towards fundraising). 



Seating map at the Mesa Art Center-                                





If any questions, please, contact Bhagyashree Barlingay at bcbarlingay@gmail.com .