A fundraising program for Pallium India on Oct 9, 2022






Mark your calendar 

for a wonderful Bharatnatyam program

by Silambam, Phoenix

on Sunday 4-7pm, October 9, 2022

at Mesa Arts Center

being sponsored by Akshaybhasha

in collaboration with Sewa International

to support Pallium India, a charitable trust

dedicated to palliative care in India.

             What is palliative care- https://youtu.be/xM7d-YnF4yo


What is Palliative care? 

Palliative care is – A new and evolving concept in medicine,

  • a need of the current times due to the ageing population and prolonged lives of the chronically ill.
  • an extra layer of support to the conventional medical care in case of complicated, prolonged illnesses such as cancer, dementia, AIDS, etc
  • To achieve quality of life by relieving health related pain and suffering.

What is Pallium India?

Pallium, India- a charitable trust dedicated to palliative care,

-based in Kerala, founded by Padmashri Dr. Rajgopal in 2003,

– it’s vision is to integrate palliative care with the general health care and make it available all over India.

Why donate to Pallium, India ? – Look at the bigger picture.

-We are going back and forth to our homeland and our loved ones are still there.

– our donations will not be only for the philanthropic reason but also an investment in our own future.

Donate generously to help build a strong base of palliative care in India.